Dhikr – Remembrance of Allah

Pic by – Syed Salman Chishty ,Medina Sharif.


The Arabic word for remembrance is dhikr. Remembrance is of several
types or levels. There is the remembrance of physical things, which
are in front of us, and there is the remembrance of one’s desires,
anxieties, and so on. Along the spiritual path, remembrance relates
to that whish is in one’s innate nature. It is the remembrance of
the Essence of Allah the Almighty, of the source of all
manifestation and attributes. That source is within everybody. On
the Sufi path, one is required to dis-remember everything else that
is discernible, everything that is other that Allah, in order to
return to the original remembrance, Allah.
So the original Remembrance of Allah is already in every heart,
whether one is aware of it or not. Through the guidance of a
spiritual master, the seeker is led beyond, to a level where there
is no remembrance of anything that is mentionable. Then that which
has been there, encompassing everything, is evidently experienced
and witnessed. The purpose of Sufi practices is to be spontaneously
aware of the absolute or central reality as well as remaining aware
of the physical and material limitations of the phenomenal world,
which surrounds us. One is an inner awareness beyond the senses and
the other is an outer awareness, which is based on the senses. So
the aim of a Sufi teacher is to give the appropriate practices to
his close follower and to watch over the results.
Generally speaking, about two hours are needed to obtain the
benefits of remembrance of Allah. During the first half-hour, the
mediator is primarily trying to quieten down his thoughts. In the
next half-hour, he begins to enter the meditative state. During
third half-hour, generally speaking, there are no thoughts or mental
visions and meditation is established. During the last half-hour,
real benefits begin to set in. Proper meditation begins when all
awareness fades away and simple non-descript being ness sets in.
Any awarness during remembrance of Allah is a hindrance to entry
into the realm of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness cannot be
talked about. It must be experienced. All what can be said is that
is state of being ness.
All mental processes are regarded as lower consciousness. All
physical, material, and causal aspects of life are in this category.
Abstract thoughts and emotions are regarded as subtler and therefore
higher. Within all human perceptions there are scales of
consciousness. There are scales in our consciousness of hearing,
seeing, understanding, and so on. So consciousness is along a
vertical scale. One can say the same thing about God’s attributes.
There are some attributes, which have to do with the physical
mechanism that governs matter, all of which is permeated by divine
Physical consciousness relates to matter and mass, and is low on the
scale of consciousness because it is gross. Higher on the scale is
conscious of mind, such as feelings, emotions, and for example,
dislike of physical pain. Higher still is the intellectual
consciousness of moral values, a sense of justice and equality, and
so on.
The aim of a Sufi is to go higher than all the intellectual
consciousness. In the state of meditation, in the beginning, there
is the consciousness of the physical body. Then the body is
forgotten, but there is still the consciousness of ideas and
thoughts. Through the technique of single-pointed meditation, all
the ideas and thoughts are sublimated. Beyond that is the state of
pure or highest consciousness where is no consciousness of any
discernible thing. It is an indescribable simple awareness .Now this
is not even the end of the meditation exercise. Actually, it
signifies a new beginning. The end of all thoughts is the beginning
of another dimension.
A simile of process of meditation is that of sleep. When a person is
going to sleep, he starts by turning down the covers and climbing
into bed. He then prepares to relax and gradually becomes less
conscious of his thoughts until physical consciousness ends
altogether. The end of thought is the beginning of another form of
consciousness, which is called sleep. Sleep, like meditation, is
subjective and experiential. It has to occur and is not talked
about .The final stage in meditation is not describable for it is
related to the pure consciousness. Anything that is describable
belongs to the realm of the physical world. The fact that one talks
about an experience brings limitations to it. Once a person enters
the zone of higher consciousness, he is not conscious of anything
The beginning of higher consciousness is the end of all other
consciousness. Accordingly, description and talking about it also
ends. Is an incredibly wonderful state, vast and timeless and non-
dimensional. Bliss!

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  1. Allah, Allah, Allah,

    You are the pain

    And You are the cure!

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Many thanks,
    However I am encountering difficulties with
    your RSS. I don’t understand why I can’t join it.
    Is there anyone else getting identical RSS issues? Anybody who knows
    the solution will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

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